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About Ministry Scheduler Pro

Ministry Scheduler Pro

Ministry Scheduler Pro (or, “MSP") is our online scheduling system that automatically schedules assignments for each of our Liturgical Ministries at St. Josaphat, based on your profile preferences. You can also request a substitute through MSP if you cannot make it to an assignment (we really appreciate as much notice as possible please). You can specify things like:

  • Dates that you are unavailable (vacation, sports, holidays etc)
  • Preferred frequency - how many times a week/month you wish to be scheduled
  • Which Masses and services  you can serve (you can rank these in order of preference) and those you are unable to serve 
  • How you wish to be notified of your assignments or changes in schedule (text, email or both)
  • Bind family members to schedule everyone at the same services 

Once you are logged in, you can click on the Help tab at the top of the screen to see a short video and printable guide that will explain step by step how to update your information

Mobile Devices

If you have an iOS or Android device, you can use the MSP mobile app!  A short video on how to use the MSP mobile app is available here.  After downloading, you'll need the following Organization ID to sign in: southport

Fun Facts

You can view who is assigned at each Mass (and unfilled positions or sub requests) by clicking “Ministry Schedule” in the upper right corner of our homepage:

You can also log into your MSP account from our website by clicking on either of the two round Ministry Scheduler logo icons on our homepage:


is assigned for two months at a time and you will receive an email requesting your availability updates before the next schedule is about to commence. If you have registered during an active schedule, you are welcome to sign up for any open positions or accept substitution requests.
If you have any questions about Ministry Scheduler, please don’t hesitate to contact the parish office!

Parents of Altar Servers

Please make sure your child knows that when they arrive to serve at Mass, the FIRST thing they should do is check in. There is a Ministry Scheduler binder in the sacristy that will list assignments for each Mass with a signature line next to their name. Altar Servers should sign in before getting their robe. If your child is filling in for someone, they can sign their own name next to the unavailable child’s name. These sheets are recorded in your child’s service profile at the parish - if your child does not sign in, the service is not recorded.