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Christmas Giving Tree

Each Advent, the Christmas Giving Tree appears in the back of the church with gift tag ornaments that list the needs of several organizations that we support through the year, but especially during the Advent and Christmas seasons. This ministry coordinates the needs of partnering organizations with the generous spirit of our parishioners in order to provide gifts and the necessities of life (food, clothing, baby formula, diapers, car seats, etc.) to those in need in our neighborhood and beyond.  A member of the Giving Tree Committee will be available before and after Mass at the back of church to assist and answer questions.
Christmas special 
for those in need this season.
Select a gift tag from the tree for a
family from St. Agatha's, or possibly a
couple of tags to meet the needs of our
supported organizations.
Separate the top and bottom portions of the gift tag
card and keep the top portion.  Fill out the bottom portion
with your name, phone number and email.
Drop the bottom portion into the box located on the same table
with the pens near the tree.  This is very important. 
We may need to contact you with questions.
Purchase the gifts listed on the card.  Wrap all gifts unless specified not to.
Please include the recipient's name(s) on the gift as a nice personal touch.
Place all the gifts in a bag(s).  Securely attach the top portion of the gift tag card
to the bag(s).  Please put the control number on the bag(s).  This will insure that
we can match the gifts to the correct recipients.
Deliver the gifts to the rectory before Tuesday, December 10th.
Some tips and suggestions: Please buy all of the items listed on the card.  If you are unable
to find a specific gift, try to find a close substitute or a gift card.  Please include a gift receipt if possible.
Collaborate with other families as a group to sponsor a recipient.
Thank you for your
kindness and support
of our charities!
Questions?  Want to volunteer? 
Contact Kelly Smith kellyqtml@yahoo.com 
or Carol Galuhn cgaluhn@mac.com
Organizations supported by the Giving Tree:

St. Agatha’s is our Sharing Parish and is located on the west side of Chicago. St. Agatha’s assists its parishioners and others in their neighborhood in need during the Christmas season and throughout the year. Their parish office receives requests from their registered families for gifts to be distributed at their annual Christmas event.

Courage is based at St. Germaine Parish in Oak Lawn and networks with high schools in their area, including Englewood, to provide resources to pregnant young women and single parents. Besides programs to help their personal growth and parenting skills, Courage provides its mothers with the necessities they cannot obtain on their own, such as formula, diapers, wipes, clothes and household items. Other parishes donate clothing and diapers for infants and we are asked for donations for toddlers as well as bedding and towels for the moms.

Marillac St. Vincent Family Services is located at 212 South Francisco in Chicago. They are committed to strengthening and empowering those most in need to reach their greatest potential. This is accomplished through quality child care and early childhood education, after-school programs, comprehensive services to isolated seniors, programs for pregnant and parenting teens and outreach to at-risk families and individuals.

St. Josaphat's Helping Hands – those folks who come to the rectory for a sandwich and soup or pop. Daily requests for socks, hats and gloves are the norm.