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Family Faith Formation & Middle School Youth Ministry (PreK4-8th Grade)

Faith is a journey and we are excited to accompany and support your family!

At St. Josaphat, we are striving to foster faith that sticks and to create an environment where our children and their families feel welcomed, at home, and loved like God loves us. Our team of staff and volunteers is committed to accompanying your family during these formative years and creating opportunities to grow in relationship with God among a community centered around faith.

Family Faith Formation (K-4th grade, hybrid at-home/at-church sessions)

Our program is designed to be dynamic and engaging for the whole family. We are passionate about how faith is shared at home, rather than only creating a classroom setting for learning. Based on our own continued learning, we follow statistics that show faith "sticks" when it is talked about and lived out by the people children love the most, their parents! We see parents as the "primary catechists," the home as the center of faith formation, and the family as our best investment in faith development. The program entails the following:

  • At-Church Sessions - once a month on Sunday mornings, following 10am Family Masses, led by catechists and expanding on the content offered at-home
  • Parent Sessions (optional) - offered simultaneously with the at-church sessions, including speakers, discussions, and more that focus on fostering faith within your family and building a faith-based community of parents
  • At-Home Sessions - once a week family meetings lasting no more than 30 minutes centered on games, activities, and discussions as a family; all content and materials are provided or include common objects found at home

If you would like more information, you can visit these two links: Program Content & Family Meeting Videos

Middle School Youth Ministry (5th-8th grade, at-church sessions)

During these important years of adolescence, students begin individualizing and forming their own faith based on the foundation laid by their families. Our program is designed to create a space where students can explore the richness of our faith and begin forming their own practices of discipleship. The sessions we offer will be exciting, fun, formative, and not feel like "more school." The program will include the following:


  • Small Group Sessions - meeting approximately weekly with breaks for holidays and school breaks, led by small group leaders
  • Games - we know our students like to have fun and get moving!
  • Activities - we don't only learn about our faith we practice it, we will offer how-to's and opportunities for the students to try out new ways to live out their faith that can be continued as their relationship with God grows
  • Discussions - faith is expansive and diverse, so we can also learn from each other by hearing the different ways that others practice and also talk through the ways faith is relevant to our everyday life
  • Summer Community Events (optional) - it is extremely important to have friends who support and encourage us in our life as a disciple, these events will keep us in touch, give us a chance to simply have fun, and help us bond as a community centered on faith
We meet on Wednesdays from 6:00-7:30pm in the Side Chapel of the Church. Our full calendar is avaialble below and we will have some special events. If you'd like to be kept up to date, contact us to join our communications list.

Our open registration period is now closed, but late registrations are sometimes possible depending on the circumstances. If you are interested in joining one of our programs, please contact us to discuss.


Program Fees for 2023-24

All program fees are used to cover the costs associated with content, materials, and facilities. Fees vary depending on program involvement:

  • Family, 1 Child - $450
  • Family, 2 or more Children - $500
  • St. Josaphat School Family - $100
  • First Communion Materials Fee (includes photos) - $150
  • Confirmation Materials Fee (includes photos) - $150

Make Your Payment

1) Online by clicking the "Make a Payment" button to the right, OR
2) Drop off or mail a check (payable to "St. Josaphat Parish") to the Parish Office:
Attn: Nathan Johnson
St. Josaphat Parish
2311 N. Southport Ave.
Chicago IL 60614
3) All payments must be made by the close of registration

Accompany families in their faith journey as a volunteer!

Our team is always looking for adults to share their faith and volunteer their time and talents for the sake of our community. Our Faith Formation Programs offer the opportunity fosters faithful discipleship by providing strong examples of adults who live their faith in their own life and share their experience with children and their families. There are many different ways you can volunteer based on your availability and skills. If you would like to volunteer in any capacity please contact our Director of Faith Formation and Youth Ministry.

Thank You and God Bless!