Religious Education (PK4-8th Grade)

ALL ARE WELCOME -- It is never too late to give your child/children a Religious Education!
If you have a child or children in grades Pre-K4 through 8 we invite you to register them in our Religious Education program. Each and every child in our parish has a right to have their spirit nourished and nurtured. We have created a place where all our children feel welcomed and at home here at St. Josaphat. Catechists guide the children through a spiraling curriculum. A spiraling curriculum is one "in which students repeat the study of a subject at different grade levels, each time at a higher level of difficulty and in greater depth," source:

Our approach in the learning environment is also based on Howard Gardner's work on Multiple Intelligence Theory, which allows each student to master the catechetical content and skills in the way best suited to them as an active learner. Prayer is woven throughout the catechetical process.
Classes are on Tuesday nights from 6:00 - 7:30 pm and begin in September.  The 2020/2021 school year will be virtual.  The meeting times will be a little shorter.  Registrants will receive a zoom login to attend classes.  


Registration for 2020-21 is OPEN NOW!  CLICK HERE 


Fees for 2020-21 (EARLY BIRD discount applies to everyone this year due to Covid-19):

    • One Child $425 ($375 with EARLY BIRD discount)

    • Two Children $650 ($600 with EARLY BIRD discount)

    • Three or More Children $850 ($800 with EARLY BIRD discount)

    • First Reconciliation/Eucharist (2nd Grade) add $50/Child

    • Confirmation (8th Grade) add $75/Child

Make your payment(s) online HERE 
Drop off or mail a check (payable to "St. Josaphat Parish") to the Parish Office:
           attn: Erin Bretts
           St. Josaphat Parish
           2311 N. Southport Ave.
           Chicago IL 60614
The Religious Education program is looking for a child-loving adult to share their faith with our 5th/6th Grade Class on Tuesday evenings. Our Religious Education Program offers the opportunity for all parish children, grades Preschool through 8th Grade, to communicate, celebrate and be of service to others. Our program teaches our children how to be Christians. The children learn how to live as Jesus did by a staff of dedicated teachers, classroom assistants and office personnel. We are always in need of teachers, helpers, hall monitors, or substitutes. If you would like to volunteer in any capacity please contact Erin Bretts.
Contact Erin Bretts with questions: