Give Stuff


Travel-size toiletries:  Please bring any travel-size toiletries to the wicker baskets behind the back left pews.  Parishioner volunteers deliver them to the women at Sarah's Circle.  Please do not drop clothing or other items there!  This causes the Parish Staff to make a special trip to Salvation Army because unfortunately the parish has no use for these items.  

New or gently-used t-shirts, socks, gloves and hats:  The Homeless Outreach ministry passes out t-shirts, socks, gloves and hats to our guests that request them.  Men's items only, please.  We don't have the capacity to manage other types of clothing.  If you would like to take on this endeavor, please contact the Parish Office.

Sandwich-sized zip top bags and brown paper lunch bags:  These items are always welcome to package lunches provided to the homeless.

Pre-packaged ramen soup in a cup, cans of soda or water,  bags of chips or sweets, sliced white or soft wheat bread, lunchmeat and cheese:  ditto.  Unfortunately, many of our guests cannot chew granola or hard energy bars, nor fruit like apples.

Fresh leftover chips and cookies from parties you have:  ditto.

If you have items or other in-kind gifts you think may be of use for the parish, please call or email the office with a description (photos are also helpful) to help us determine if the item(s) are needed.  If we have a need for a specific item, we run a request in the bulletin.

Contact the Parish Office at: 773.327.8955, or email us at

If you have some other items you would like to donate, please check out these worthy organizations:

Little Sisters of the Poor


Lincoln Park Community Shelter

The Women's Center of Greater Chicagoland

Marillac St. Vincent Family Services

Deborah's Place

Sarah's Circle