Evangelization Team

To evangelize is to help “bring others to Christ”
This team is called to help others encounter Jesus Christ, to get to know him and grow in their relationship with him. The team provides the Evangelization Lead with a group of Missionary Disciples who are able to embody evangelization themselves and contribute to this culture in the parish. Our goal is to provide an environment where people feel a sense of belonging, so they can use their God-given gifts to be of service to others through the Gospel.
In fall 2020, St. Josaphat Parish developed an Evangelization Team as a way to help others deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ. We ponder questions such as...
  • Why don’t all Catholics go to mass?
  • How can we help to bring our parishioners into a deeper relationship with their faith?
  • What classes, studies, meetings, or events should we be offering to better engage our people with their faith?
Apostle's Prayer
Lord, when you called Abraham, he responded, “Ready”
When you called Isaiah, he answered, “Here I am Lord.”
When the angel Gabriel called out to Mary, she responded,
“I am the handmaid of the Lord. Let it be done to me according to your word.”
Lord, I hear you calling my name.
I hear you entrusting me with the task of building your kingdom.
Like those holy men and women who have gone before me, I give you my ‘yes’!
I will go anywhere you want me to go.
I will do anything you want me to do.
I will say anything you want me to say.
Holy Spirit I welcome you and ask you to guide me.
Form in me an apostle’s heart filled with love for Christ and zeal for souls.
I will commit myself with courage and generosity to the New Evangelization.
I will build brick-by-brick, the city of God inside the city of man.