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Aid for Women

Our parish supports Aid for Women who help thousands of women each year in the Chicago metropolitan area who find themselves facing unexpected pregnancies. Each woman is provided with the emotional, practical and spiritual support that she needs to choose life for her unborn baby and to provide a better future for her and her child. Their life-affirming services are offered free-of-charge.

Over 60 million unborn babies have been victims of abortion in the United States since its legalization in 1973. That’s 1.3 million babies each year or 3,600 babies each day killed by abortion in the United States.
In the Chicago metropolitan area, one out of four pregnancies ends in abortion. In 2018, a reported 23,200 babies (approximate 7% increase from prior year) were victims of abortion. That’s 64 abortions each day or one baby aborted every 23 minutes in Chicago.
With dozens of abortion clinics in the city of Chicago, Aid for Women’s pregnancy care centers are on the front line of the abortion battle. Aid for Women provides a safe refuge from abortion providers for thousands of women who are facing unexpected pregnancies. These women contact our 24-hour pregnancy helpline and visit our centers every day:
“Where can I get a free abortion?”
“Do you offer the abortion pill?”
“My parents will kick me out if I have this baby.”
“I can’t afford to have a baby.”
“I’m in college. I can’t have this baby.”
“I’m already overwhelmed with the children I have.”
The women who come to Aid for Women for help are the inner-city teenager, the married and college-educated woman in her thirties, and every woman in between. The road that leads them to Aid for Women is a difficult one, and they face a tough journey ahead. These young abortion-vulnerable women live in a society that has failed to protect them and the life in their womb.