Faith Sharing Groups

How can we stay connected with our faith and our faith community during these times of social distancing amid a pandemic? Boy, do I have the answer for you!
Join our Faith Sharing Groups that will begin the week of November 9th, 2020 on zoom. We have both a daytime option and an evening option so that you can choose which best fits your schedule. Can you spare one hour a week to get to know Jesus just a little bit more? Have you been longing to connect with your friends from church who you are not seeing weekly? Invite a friend or two and sign up! 
Quesions? Email Mary Jane Sullivan at She will be waiting to hear from you!

Tuesday mornings at 10:00AM "Breaking Open the Word"

Take a look at the upcoming Sunday reading as we “Break Open the Word”. Join us as we take you through the Sunday Gospel scripture and discuss how it fits into your life. Spend just one hour each week walking through the messages and really bring the Word into your daily life. Learn how the three readings relate to one another. Sit down with your morning coffee and share with one another how you can carry the message with you all week.
Sign Up to host a week of Breaking Open the Word.

Wednesday evenings at 7:00PM "Bible Study: The Book of Matthew"

Plan to sit down on zoom with Charles and Lindsay for an hour as we dig into Matthew’s gospel. We will discuss who God is, how he reveals himself to us, and what the Bible is all about. This evening is a time to put a movie on for the kids, pour a glass of wine and connect with Jesus through his word. It is time to do something for yourself as you rediscover your relationship with Jesus, his Word and his Church.
Bible Study: The Book of Matthew is on hiatus for the summer at this time. We plan to resume in the fall of 2021.