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Become a Parishioner


Parishioners here take great pride in the hospitality and welcome that makes up so much of our parish identity. Each new parishioner brings new gifts, new challenges, and new hopes to all of us. We invite you to take a moment to register with us.

Why register?
  • Registered parishioners receive important communications throughout the year, including Christmas and Easter, keeping up-to-date on parish news.
  • Registered parishioners receive preference when choosing dates for church celebrations, such as weddings and baptisms.
  • Registered parishioners receive preferential admittance to our parish school.
  • Other parishes often request verification of a person's status as a practicing Catholic, attendance at mass, etc., when that person has been asked to be a godparent or sponsor. Without registration, no such verification can be made.
  • Your Sunday offerings are confidentially recorded by parish staff for proof of donation for tax purposes.
  • In order to participate in lay ministry, registration in the parish is required.

We do not share your information with anyone outside the parish/Archdiocese of Chicago, ever.

At St. Josaphat, we expect our parishioners to: Worship, Serve, Grow & Give

Worship - We expect our parishioners to come to Mass every Sunday. 
The reason we come to church is to worship God for the many gifts and blessings he has bestowed upon us in life and continues to bestow on us through the sacraments, most especially through the Eucharist. It is in the Eucharist that we participate in Jesus’ passion, death and resurrection and accept Jesus into our lives when we receive his body and blood. That’s why the Eucharist is considered, “the source and summit of the Christian life.” And by coming together as a community, we are reminded that we are called to be the Body of Christ in our world and to serve one another as Christ taught us.
Serve - We expect our parishioners to serve our parish community.  
As a friend recently put it to me, “Don’t just sit in the boat.  Pick up an oar and row!” Being a parishioner is not a passive engagement with the Church. The Church has a mission and you’re a part of making that mission a reality. We need you. And we expect you to be an active and engaged member of this parish. You have gifts and talents that God has blessed you with. Share them with the community. If you enjoy singing, join the choir. If you play an instrument, talk to Joe about playing with him at Mass. If you’re comfortable with public speaking, be a lector. Volunteer with Don’s Helping Hands by making sandwiches or handing out lunches to our guests. Lead a Bible study or start a faith sharing group. Get involved with our Finance Council or Facilities Committee. And if you like working with kids, consider helping with our Youth Group or Religious Education program. Bottom line, if you have time you’re willing to give or a talent you’re willing to share, we’ll find a way for you to get involved in our parish. 
Grow - We expect our parishioners to keep growing in their relationship with God. 
Throughout the year we host a myriad of opportunities for people to come together and explore their faith and worship together. We offer Alpha, bible studies, the Men’s Spirituality Group and Women’s Group, Nativity Nights, our Lenten Parish Mission, Taize, etc. We want our parishioners to take advantage of these opportunities and grow in their relationship with God. There should never come a point when we feel like our relationship with God is “good enough.” Our God is a God of infinite love, infinite goodness and infinite mercy.  He’s always looking for opportunities to draw us deeper into a relationship with Him. There’s always room for growth!
Give - We expect our parishioners to give to St. Josaphat.  
Part of supporting the mission of St. Josaphat is helping to fund the ministries we offer and to maintain the beautiful church and facilities we have inherited from the generations that came before us. We expect each of our parishioners to be supporting the parish on a weekly or monthly basis through our Sunday offertory by making a donation through GiveCentral or through envelopes. Registering to be a parishioner is not like joining a club to simply receive the benefits of membership when we feel like it. A parishioner is someone who is looking to give of their time, talent and treasure in order to serve the community and further the mission of the Church.