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JosaFEST 2024

Save the Dates!

Saturday, September 14th, 5:00pm - 10:00pm

Sunday, September 15th, 11:00am - 4:00pm

Bring Your Talents to the JosaFEST Planning Committee!

This annual FUN-raiser celebration promises an exciting weekend of food, entertainment, family and friends!
JosaFEST is organized and executed by volunteers from our parish community. Whether you’re a parishioner, school or religious education parent, teacher or a member of the alumni, we welcome your help. St. Josaphat school parents - here’s a great opportunity to fulfill your volunteerism requirement.
Planning is already in progress and we have open positions to fill on our JosaFest Committee. Bring your ideas and talents to one of our largest parish fundraisers of the year!
Our next committee planning meeting is Wednesday, May 29th at 7pm in the Red Door Room. 

JosaFest 2024 Committee  

Event Chair: Jim Malooly 

Volunteers: Val Jalon
The Volunteer Chairperson leads volunteer recruitment, training and scheduling. Maintains volunteer contact information and communications. Ensures compliance requirements (age restrictions for serving alcohol, virtus training for volunteers working with children, etc).

Food & Beverage: Shunt Madanyan & Eric Sward    
Food and Beverage Co-Chairs are responsible for all aspects related to food and beverages, including menu planning, selection, quantity and solicitation of supplier donations and/or contracts. They manage logistical aspects of location layout and design, setup, delivery, storage, preparation, presentation, inventory, serving and cleanup. They ensure health, safety and age regulation compliance and coordinate with committee members to obtain necessary permits, volunteer staffing & training, and they are present to oversee food & beverage service throughout the event.

Entertainment: Ada Gjepali
The Entertainment Chairperson works with other members of the committee to select and execute contracts or agreements for entertainment, including live bands, DJs, performers and activities, as well as developing the schedule of events. Oversees subcommittees for:
    • Raffles: Ada Gjepali
    • Children’s Activities: Erin Delawalla
Venue: Wadeh Constancce & Lito
The Venue Chairs manage the tent, stage & power requirements and logistics including delivery and removal of materials, and work with the parish office to develop plans for emergency action, safety and security, waste management, and to obtain necessary permits and licenses. Oversees subcommittees for:
    • Decorations, Lighting, Setup & Cleanup: OPEN- this could be you!
    • Trash Removal & Porta Potties: Wadeh Constance 
Sponsorships & Ticket Sales: OPEN - this could be you!
The Sponsorships and Ticket Sales Chairperson is responsible for soliciting financial and in-kind support from sponsors to fund the event. In collaboration with other committee members, this chair establishes levels of sponsorship, category exclusivity, ticket pricing, donor recognition and benefits. Establishes the ticket sales process, point of entry ticket sales and setup, and manages materials.
    • Greater Giving Website Administration: Christine Frech
Marketing & Communications: Stephanie Samz & Katie Richmond
Consults with parish marketing team to develop a communications plan. Creative design, logo and content creation, flyers, signage and promotional marketing materials. Supports and directs communications to subcommittees:
    • Photo & Video Production: OPEN - this could be you!
    • Social Media: OPEN - this could be you!

Finance: Michelle Knight & Christine Frech
Contracts, Permits & Security: Tina Smat
Questions? Contact: 
Jim Malooly at [email protected]