Give Central

Give Central is the platform used by our parish for electronic giving. By using Give Central, you can consistently support St. Josaphat Parish through planned weekly or monthly giving.
Through Give Central, you can also:
  • Make your Sacramental Fee payment (First Communion, Confirmation, Wedding, Funeral, etc.)
  • Make your Religious Education tuition payment
  • Make a Donation for your Mass Intention, Tribute or In Memoriam
  • Donate to our Special Collections and Holy Days
  • Donate to our Outreach Ministries
  • Donate to our Parish Energy Needs or Debt Reduction
  • Donate to our Capital Campaign
  • Donate to our School Angel Fund
  • Donate to our annual "Fund-A-Cause"
Give Central also offers a convenient Text-To-Give option. For your Sunday offering, simply text the keyword SUNDAY to 312-625-5666.
You can also use Text-To-Give to make a donation to our Outreach Ministries and other collections. Just text the following keywords to 312-625-5666:
  • HANDS - for Don's Helping Hands outreach ministry
  • AGATHA - for our sharing parish St. Agatha
  • ENERGY - for our Energy Needs
...and the annual Special Collections too - see the Special Collections page for these dates and more information!
  • SISTERS - Little Sisters of the Poor
  • LATIN - The Church in Latin America  
  • EUROPE - Aid for the Church in Central and Eastern Europe 
  • HOLYLAND - Holy Land  
  • CATHOLIC - Catholic Charities Mother's Day  
  • PRIESTS - Priest's Health and Retirement  
  • PETER - Peter's Pence
  • SEMINARY - Seminarian Education
  • WORLD - World Missions
  • CC4HD - Catholic Campaign for Human Development
  • RELIGIOUS - Retirement Fund for Religious Workers
  • WOMEN - Aid for Women
Make your payments via text too!
  • RELED - to make a Religious Education tuition payment
Thank you for your support of St. Josaphat Parish!