Parish Service Awards

Every year at the St. Josaphat Feast Day Mass in November, we present the St. Josaphat Parish Service Awards to parishioners who have been giving generous service through a parish ministry or parish-related volunteer activity. St. Josaphat was all about bringing greater unity among Christians. He was a Martyr who believed in uniting everyone to Christ. This feast is a perfect time to show our appreciation to parishioners who have strived to show that unity through their service to our parish.
Awards are given in the areas of Youth Ministry, Education, Human Concerns, Parish Life, Prayer & Worship, and Lifetime Service. Qualifications are that the nominee must be a parishioner, and s/he must not have already received that particular award. Once a parishioner receives a Lifetime Award, they have reached the pinnacle of St. Josaphat Awards and are not eligible.  Please consider any parishioner you feel should be recognized for his or her outstanding service to the parish.

Prayer and Worship is awarded to our parish volunteers who help bring our weekly liturgies alive by their committed involvement.
Education award goes to a parishioner who teaches by example through their own commitment to their faith.
Human Concerns is an area of parish life that reaches beyond our parish doors and out to our community.
Youth award is presented to youth from our parish who help us show the youth of our parish what it means to be connected with a community of believers.
Parish Life is for our volunteers who are involved with many different ministries in our parish. These men and women never say “no”. They show us what it looks like when you consider your parish, your extended family.
Lifetime award is given to a volunteer who embodies the overall unity of our parish.  It is a person of deep faith and commitment to our parish in many areas of parish life.

The deadline for Service Award Nominations is October 31st each year

Thank you to these parishioners, and all those who make St. Josaphat the parish that it is!  Below is a list of previous award winners. Winners are also commemorated in the vestibule of the church.


Lifetime: Brian Oleszczuk

Youth: Lara Fairfield, Max Lobaugh, Emma Polt, Caroline York

Education: Maria Frech

Prayer & Worship: Mike and Donna Sims

Human Concerns: Jim Maciejewski, Michael Sreenan, Lou Storino

Parish Life: Maja Barretto, Trisha Brooks, Shirley Fay, Karen Gerstner, Kelly Lobaugh, John Marafino, Kim Nugent



Lifetime: Sue Fedea, Elizabeth Duryea

Youth: Grace McSorley

Education: Kate Martin, Sylvia Bonilla-Kochanski, Michele Marsella, Betsy Ivancsits, Kate Wythers

Prayer & Worship: Kevin Vaughan, Jen Ryan, Olyvia Flanders, Maddie French, Natalie Milkie, Breanna Gonzalez, Anabella VanKempen, Grace Collins, Hailey Luick, Alexa Smith, Noah Karow, Elizabeth Martin, Kathryn MacGlashan, Gia Johnson, Joey DelPreto, Elizabeth Unger, Charley Grant, Cameron Pukala, Gregg Rzepczynski

Human Concerns: Kim Nugent, Maureen Shanley

Parish Life: John McEnaney




Lifetime: Nolan & Georgia Burke, Mary Gallo, Joe & Linda Keller

Youth: Jonathan Cattan, Jenna Dreixler

Education: Heather Dunkel, Emma Rios, Kristan Vaughan

Prayer & Worship: Colin Corum, William Frech, Maddie French, Charlie Grant, Natalie Milkie, Cameron Pukala, Lou Storino

Human Concerns: Jeff & Judy Lovero, Kelly Smith, Chris Stefani

Parish Life: Ali Hoste, Katy Murray, Jennifer Seuring, Faye Shillair




Youth: Chris Rogul

Human Concerns: Mary Powell

Education: Sal and Lani Sanchez, Leah Gray, Alice Driscoll, Laura Burstein, Brad Vesprini, and Lisa Steele

Parish Life: Kristan Vaughan and Jim Gramata

Prayer and Worship: Anderson Family, Sue Merten, and Bill Rose

Lifetime: Dreixler Family and McKinney Family




Youth: Grace McDermott

Human Concerns: Julie Polt, Sonia Avendano, Patricia Walls, Alana Laurie

Education: Meredith O'Neil, Caryn Del Preto, Elizabeth Duryea, Heather Cain, Michelle Daut, Tracy Biskner, Emily Baby 

Parish Life: Mark Peterson, Mary Gallo, Georgia & Nolan Burke, Chris Jaeger, Sue Fedea

Prayer & Worship: Don McKay

Lifetime: Kate & Michael York, Kristie French




Youth: Jonathon Marek

Human Concerns: Kelly Gilman-Lobaugh & Steve Lobaugh

Education: Carrie LaHood, Tonya Milkie, Chris Jaeger, Dan O’Donnell

Parish Life: Jay & Jessica Janicki, Joe Keller

Prayer & Worship: Joe Aschenbrenner, James Maciejewski, Meredith O’Neil, Robin Toomey Kearns

Lifetime: Bridget Dougherty, Kelly Smith, Mary Lee Corrigan, Kate Steimel, Margo & Ira Bey, Debra Fairfield




Youth: (No candidates this year)

Human Concerns: Jean Bystedt, Tracy Biskner

Education: Carrie LaHood, Kristie French, Diane Kollath, Peggy O’Brien

Parish Life: Lilija Gelazis, Barry Sylvester, Roger McCarron, Brian Polt

Prayer & Worship: Valerie McKinney, Erin Shields

Lifetime: Cheryl LeeVan, Tina Smat, Charlene Herda, Agustin & Nancy Velarde, Amy Cascarano, Jeff & Judy Lovero




Youth: Natalie & Jordan Graham, Kyle Tennant

Human Concerns: Heather Oakes

Education: John Dreixler, Shannon Dolendi, Beth Schenck, Kate York, Jennifer Miller, Chris DeMent, Reggie Treadwell

Parish Life: Debra Fairfield, Donald Rio McNichols

Prayer & Worship: Mary Bradley, Adam Cody

Lifetime: Mona & Hans Wolff, Barry & Olivia Ward, Christine & Todd Frech




Youth: Shae Ramos, Jillian Dreixler

Human Concerns: Ann Clancy and her niece Cate Kinder

Education: Joe & Taryn Kucala, Carolyn Pici, Kelly Smith, Vivian Alden, Dawn Van Kempen, Paula Affolter, Amy Cascarano

Parish Life: Alison Kulisek, Tracy Lux, Katie Groff, Renee O’Donnell, Michele Stoessel, Charlene Herda, Valeria & Mark McKinney, Carrie LaHood

Prayer and Worship: Mary Kate Jezuit, Kyle Tenant, Chris, Emilio and Mary Flores, Bill Stover, Hector Loya, Mona Ramos

Lifetime Award: Heidie Maslo-Wolfe, Amber Rychetsky, Bridget Dougherty, Don Tenbrunsel, Chris & Kathie Monley, Judith Lauth & Pat Casey




Youth : Trent Martin

Human Concerns: Roseann & Andy Mazzanti, Don Tenbrunsel

Education: Jim Eberle, Judy Lovero, Charles Bernardini

Parish Life: Gina & Michael Hortatsos, Cindy Kujawa, Eileen & Eric Wagner, Lisa & Patrick Koehl, Lisa Kanafax & Dennis Stefancic

Prayer & Worship: Sheila Harding, Mary Gallo, Brian Oleszcuk, Ron Dickson, Marylou (Lou) Marek

Lifetime: Keith Morgan, Cathy & Lou Barlock




Youth: Chris Flores, Jillian Dreixler

Human Concerns: Amber Rychetsky

Education: Mary Lee Corrigan, Susan McDermott, Cathleen Bottini, Bridget Dougherty

Parish Life: MaryAnn & Ray Genellie, John & Pat McGowan, Erin Shields

Prayer and Worship: Nancy Gerstad, Aaron Seret

Lifetime Award: Jana & Richard Ashbeck, Jean & Ross Cali, Mary Hayes, Sue & Bill Merten, Tim & Mary Ann Quinn, Pat & Terry Pawlowski, Mamie Yates




Youth: Cordelia Bella, James Keene

Human Concerns: Wendy Koller-McGill & Renee McGowan

Education: Shannon Cattan, Mary Drill-Hermanek, Karin O'Connor

Parish Life: Ira & Margo Bey, Christine Frech, Larry & Julie Krema, Kurt & Kate Martin, Heidie & Phil Wolfe

Prayer and Worship: David Keene, John & Arlene Norsym, Kate Steimel

Lifetime Award: David & Elizabeth Blinderman, Scott & Kelly Dowling, John & Julie Dreixler, Tom & Kelly Geary, Phil & Tammy Gianfortune, Brother Don Houde, Al Mittler, Ted & Joanne Najgebauer, Christine Tamani