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Boomers Plus Club

Boomers Plus Club began in 2003 and is a Saint Josaphat Parish adult social group that engages in fun activities as well as support for parish and community functions, charities and fundraisers. 
The members of the club usually meet every other month. They begin the year by having a formal meeting in January to plan the year's events. Dues are collected ($20/person) at the meeting which is used to cover the cost for some events and donations. Members also contribute food and beverages for the hospitalities and events throughout the year.
Some of the annual events the Boomers participate in include:
  • Little Sisters of the Poor Concert in March
  • Picnic in the Community Park in the summer
  • House Party for the Boomers in the fall
  • Outing for the Boomers in the summer
  • Food or Clothing Drive first weekend in November (alternate each year)
  • Christmas Concert Hospitality
Are you interested in joining the Boomers Plus Club? 
Contact the parish office at [email protected]
Questions? Contact:
Ira and Margo Bey [email protected]