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Reserve a Meeting Space

We have rooms in the rectory available for use by parishioner groups for meetings and social gatherings.  To check availability and reserve a space, call the Parish Office (773-327-8955) during business hours. 


Red Door Room

Our Red Door Room is located on the east end of the rectory, accessed directly from the parking lot. Primarily used by our Don's Helping Hands outreach ministry, this room has 30 chairs and six tables. There is a sink, coffemaker, keurig and coffee/tea supplies (in the cabinet above the sink) that you are welcome to use.
The refrigerator and supplies to the left of the refrigerator are exclusively for Don's Helping Hands and inventory is carefully managed - please do not use these items.


Lower Kitchen

Our favorite spot to gather is the Lower Kitchen - completely renovated in 2020 with funding from generous parishioners and donors!
8 barstools line the large counter and there is plenty of standing space. We have a full kitchen with a refrigerator/freezer, sink, stove/oven, microwave, TWO dishwashers, cooking and baking supplies and small appliances, serving supplies, cups, dishes, silverware as well as disposable plates, bowls, napkins and flatware!
We have a coffeemaker and all the supplies for coffee/tea. You are welcome to help yourself to beverages in the refrigerator and community snacks on the counters (unless they are specifically marked for staff or groups). 
A recently remodeled bathroom is conveniently located down the hall.


Fireplace Room

The Fireplace Room is perfect if you need a little more space, and it is connected to the Lower Kitchen. 30 chairs and 5 tables can be set up for your meetings, or configured for open floorspace - perfect for our Tots' Playgroup.
Fun Fact: Can you spot the paintings of St. Josaphat Church in the murals on the walls? It appears more than once!


Potter Library

Our Potter Library is also on the lower level of the rectory connected to both the Lower Kitchen and Fireplace Room. It's a cozy nook under the stairs with 5 comfy chairs and a couch, perfect for smaller groups or individual meetings. There are also several large casual ball-shaped cushions that can be placed for additional seating - our Youth Group loves to meet here.



St. Josaphat Parish Rectory 
Meeting Space Guidelines

We are happy to welcome you to our spaces! It is our expectation that our guests will read and abide by our meeting space guidelines, so that we can all continue to enjoy these wonderful places to gather.
  • If your meeting is scheduled outside of parish office hours, contact the parish office ahead to make arrangements for access to the building. We don't want you to arrive when the rectory is closed, the priests and staff are out, and you can't get in!
  • A group leader must arrive before their guests and be available at the door to welcome them into the rectory. You are responsible for answering the door and recognizing the guests that enter for your meeting.
  • Ask your guests to enter and exit through the Red Door by the parking lot, not the main side door entrance to the Parish Office. The group leader should arrive at the main entrance and proceed to the Red Door to welcome guests.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that all guests adhere to current covid protocols (i.e. wearing masks, social distancing, frequent hand washing/sanitizing, etc), this includes serving and preparation guidelines if snacks, food or beverages will be consumed.
    • An additional adult must be in the meeting room to supervise children until everyone arrives, or meet ahead of time and enter as a group.
    • Young guests should be using their "inside voices" here. Priests sometimes have sensitive meetings with people who might be grieving and hearing shouting from another room is disruptive.
    • Children must be supervised by an adult IN THE SAME ROOM with them at all times. Do not allow children to roam the hallways (don’t forget, we have a dog that lives here) or wait for parents in another room. Children may not be left under the supervision of Parish Staff.
While You're Here
  • You are welcome to use our serving supplies! We have silverware, glassware, plates, coffee mugs, serving trays, etc. Please be mindful to wash, dry and return items to the place you found them. There are two dishwashers in the Lower Kitchen that you can use but make sure that someone is available to empty the dishwashers (next day is fine).
  • You are welcome to use paper plates, napkins, plastic cups, etc (located in the Lower Kitchen) as needed. Feel free to contribute your leftover disposables to our stock if you bring your own.
  • We have coffee, tea, creamer and sugar available. If you use the coffee maker, make sure you empty and clean the pot and grounds basket before you leave. Help yourself to the keurig in the Red Door Room!
  • There is a bathroom located on the lower level.
  • Items in the refrigerator of the Red Door Room (and food/beverages in this room) are for our Don's Helping Hands outreach only. These items have been purchased with funds allocated to this outreach, please do not consume them.
  • We store leftover beverages from events and meetings in the Lower Kitchen. You are welcome to consume items from the refrigerator/freezer in the Lower Kitchen (unless they are labeled for staff or other group meetings). If you have leftover beverages from your meeting, you are welcome to leave them for others as well. Do not let children help themselves in the fridge, please - sometimes we have alcoholic beverages in there, so adults only.
  • If you have leftover food that you brought to your meeting and wish to leave it for others, please place it in the Red Door Room on the counter and we will serve it to our Don's Helping Hands guests. If it is perishable, put it in the fridge. A note or quick email to the Parish Office to let us know is appreciated!
Before You Leave
  • Meeting rooms should be left in the same/better condition in which you found them. We do not have a daily cleaning service so please do not leave anything behind (including crumbs on the floor, tables or counters).
  • Take out the trash if you've filled up a trash can or placed perishables in it. Please take it to the alley and replace the bag (bags are under the sinks). The staff appreciates not finding days-old smell!
  • Put everything away, don't leave items in the sink drying rack. There are towels near both sinks.
  • Wipe down tables and counters. Cleaning supplies are under the sinks.
  • Sweep the floor. A dustpan and broom are in the Red Door Room and Lower Kitchen.
  • Stack or push in chairs/stools neatly before you leave.
  • Group leaders should be the last to leave - please make sure the red door is locked behind you.
  • Let us know if we are low on anything (coffee, creamer, toilet paper, trash bags, etc) so that we can plan to restock. A quick email to the Parish Office ensures that the next group will have what they need.