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Christifideles Award

Each pastor in the Archdiocese is asked to consider the main themes of the Apostolic Exhortation and, in light of that reflection, nominate a person or persons whose participation in the life of the parish most reflects those themes. The criteria for the award are:

  • The individual or individuals are to be practicing Catholics who manifest an understanding of the teachings of the Church and have been graced with a life formed in the Catholic Spiritual Tradition.
  • The individual or individuals have used their talents to deepen the life of the Church in the parish or has served the ministry of the parish in an extraordinary way.
  • The nomination for the award has been advanced by the pastor of the parish in consultation with the Parish Pastoral Council.
  • The appropriate dean and Vicar approve the nomination.


Christifideles Award Winners from St. Josaphat Parish

2018:  Kelly Smith

2017:  Debra Fairfield

2016:  Nolan & Georgia Burke

2014:  Don Tebrunsel

2013:  Todd & Christine Frech

2012:  Brother Don Houde

2011:  John & Julie Dreixler

2010:  Larry & Julie Krema

2009:  David & Elizabeth Blinderman

2007:  Richard & Jana Ashbeck

2006:  Hans & Mona Wolf

2004:  Louis & Cathy Barlock