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Letters from Fr. Carlos

On June 16, we celebrate Father’s Day. A day when we get to reflect and thank those men in our lives who have taken up that role; be they our biological fathers, spiritual fathers or other positive masculine influences that have helped shape us.
For many, this day offers us a great opportunity to show our dads some love and say thanks.  God knows a father’s role is not easy, and men often do not share this, but they do need to hear how much their sacrifices mean to their loved ones…even if only once in a while.
For some of us whose fathers have passed, Father’s Day may be a bit bittersweet, as we are forced to remember the love, counsel and support of that man we no longer have on this earth.
My own father passed away over 14 years ago. I did not seek him out as much as I should have once I was old enough to live my own life, nor thank him enough for all the things he taught me—even if some of them required tough love on his part. I now think of him often and thank God for him in prayer.  He was not a perfect man (few are), and it took me some time to reconcile some of his imperfections and their impact on my life. But he was my “old man,” and I now see clearly that he was the right dad for me. I am the man I am today because of him. My strength, my courage, my fortitude all came from him, and I hope that he is proud of the man he helped create and form. Thanks, Dad.
For those of you who still have a dad in this world, I ask (beg, really) that you take the time today to appreciate just how much of a gift they have been—and are—to you in this life.  For those of you whose fathers have passed, know that I offer your loss along with mine at this weekend’s liturgy.
To our Heavenly Father: I offer praise for all that you have given me in this life and for the man you chose to father me here on earth. May all fathers be blessed in you, Lord, and may you send your grace upon them, so they can be great fathers to their children. Amen.
Happy Father’s Day,
Fr. Carlos
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