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Green Thumb Ministry

Our Green Thumb ministers take care of the foliage and flowers in church. The beauty of our church is one of the ways that we praise God, and we honor him by keeping our worship place neat and clean.
Volunteers are on a rotating weekly schedule and here’s what they do on their assigned Sunday (or the Friday or Saturday before):
  • Go around the perimeter of the church, including the altar, and tend to all the plants and flowers
    • For plants, make sure they are watered, and pull off any dead leaves
    • For flowers, pull out any dead flowers/rearrange and refill vase with water, or throw away dead flowers and dump water, rinse vase and put the vase on the counter in the back room of the sacristy
  • Sweep up any leaves/petals that may have fallen, especially when we have poinsettias at Christmastime and lilies at Eastertime
In the back room behind the sacristy, there is a sink, watering can, and broom/dustpan available.  
Please contact Christine Frech if you are interested in serving in this ministry!