Mass Coordinators

Procedures for Mass Coordinators

Arrival at Mass

  • Arrive 30 minutes before Mass begins. When you get to the sacristy, sign in.
  • Turn on the lights, if they are not on already.

Communicate with Priest(s), Deacon, and Music Director

  • Check with the Priest(s), Deacon, and Music Director to see if they need anything or if there is anything special about the Mass. i.e., second collection.
  • If there is a visiting Priest, introduce yourself and let them know your role and that you are there to help them.

Prepare the Hosts

  • Go to the tabernacle and genuflect, open the tabernacle door, and open the ciborium and see how many consecrated hosts are inside. This will help you determine how many hosts to put out for Mass.
  • Close the ciborium, close the door to the tabernacle, and genuflect before leaving the tabernacle.
  • If there are not enough Consecrated Hosts, open a packet of small hosts and place enough for the Mass in the flat ciborium.The hosts can be found in a cabinet in the sacristy marked ‘Hosts.’
  • In general, Father Francis will look after the gluten-free hosts, also found in the cabinet marked ‘Hosts.’
  • Put a cover over the ciborium. 

Prepare the Vessels

  • Gather the vessels needed for Mass.
  • The vessels may be left out on the countertop in the sacristy from a previous Mass or may be in the old tabernacle (with the key lock) in the sacristy behind the tall door on the right. Also note that below this tabernacle are drawers marked ‘purificators’ and ‘towels.
    • Fill one cruet with wine and one cruet with water;
    • Place a large host on the paten;
    • Place a purificator on the Chalice, and then place the paten with the large host on top of the purificator, and then use a cover on top of the paten.
      • Father Francis has his own chalice. If you are not sure which chalice he uses, please ask him.
      • If there is a visiting Priest, please ask him which chalice he would prefer to use.
      • If there is a second Priest, prepare a second chalice and purificator.
    • Be sure to have a ciborium for each person that will be administering communion. For example, if a Priest, Deacon, and Eucharisic Minister will be administering communion, then three ciboria will be required.

Prepare the Offertory Table

  • Place the covered flat ciborium with the hosts and the two cruets on the offertory table in the middle aisle.

Prepare the Credence Table on the Altar

  • Place the Chalice set-up on the credence table.
  • If there is a second Priest, also place his chalice and purificator on the credence table.
  • Please a small glass bowl and towel on the credence table.

Prepare for the Bringing up of the Gifts and Offertory Collection

  • Make sure the wicker basket and plasEc envelop for the collecEon are in the back of Church for the Ministers of Hospitality.
  • Check with the Minister of Hospitality to make sure they have asked a family to bring up the giNs, and make sure there are enough ministers to take up the collecEon(s).

Prepare the Lector(s) and Eucharistic Minister(s)

  • As the Lector(s) arrive, let them know if there is anything unusual about this Mass. Make sure they work out who will read the first and second readings, prayers of the faithful, and the announcements.
  • As the Eucharistic Minister(s) arrive, let them know if there is anything unusual about the mass Liturgy.
  • Note: 5 minutes before Mass, if there is no Lector or Eucharistic Minster, look out over the community and try to identify a substitute and ask them to fill-in.

Candle Lighting

  • 10 minutes before Mass begins, light the candles.
    • 2 candles – one located on each side of the tabernacle.
    • 2 candles – one located on each side, behind the altar.
    • 4 candles – two located on each side of the front of the altar.
  • When we have altar servers, have them light the candles.

During Mass

  • Be available in case something is needed.

After Mass

  • Make sure everything is cleaned and put away properly.
    • Extinguish the candles.
    • Put away the vessels.