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Leadership Summits

Who are the leaders of our parish? Fr. Francis? That's an easy one. The Parish Staff? We hope so. The Pastoral Council, Finance Council, School Board? Yes. The head of the Liturgy Committee? For sure. Our Hands of Mercy Team? Absolutely. Religious Education catechists? You bet! YOU? We want you to be!
Who are the ministry leaders of our parish? All of the above! Yes, leadership is a ministry at St. Josaphat Parish! We want to show our gratitude for your involvement and help you with skills and information to be even more successful in your ministry. (And have a little fun, too!) We invite all of you, involved already or not, to attend our quarterly Parish Leadership Summits.
Our quarterly Leadership Summits are fast-paced hour-long Zoom meetings for parish leaders and any other parishioners who would like to attend. They include a Welcome from Fr. Francis, a brief discussion of our Mission/Vision, a faith development element, training on a relevant topic and time for small group discussion.