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Steps to Create a Communications Plan

Our Communications Team is available to help you to communicate your event to our parish community. Our goal is to help you choose the best strategy to integrate your messages into the overall parish communications plan, obtain materials in the most cost effective manner and ensure that you have the resources you need to effectively communicate your event details. Below are our recommended steps:

1) Schedule a Meeting with the Parish Communications Team

  • We meet weekly on Mondays at 11am, choose a Monday and let us know when you'd like to meet.

2) Establish the Goals for Your Event

  • What is your ultimate goal? 

  • If this is a fundraiser, what is the target $ amount you hope to raise?

3) Define your Audience

  • Who do you ultimately want to reach (school families, young adults, all parishioners, neighbors, specific groups, etc)?

4) Identify Key Messages

  • What message(s) are going to resonate most strongly with your key audience? 

  • Will you use different messages leading up to, during, and/or following the event?

5) Create a Tactical Plan

  • How are you going to deliver your message(s) (bulletin, JosaFast, Mass announcement, email, esign, website, social media, signage in church, posters, outdoor signage, principal newsletter, direct mail, web page, flyers/postcards, etc)

  • Do you need volunteers to help?

6) Develop Materials

  • Who will create the print, copy, photos/images, flyers, etc?

  • Will printing be in-house or ordered from an outside vendor? We have preferred vendors that offer us reasonable costs and good service - keep their deadlines in mind when planning a timeline.

  • Do you need copy, logo or graphic design help?

  • Make sure you are following Parish Style guidelines and our parish fonts, colors and logo. Refer to the SJS Brand Identity Guide for examples. 

7) Specify A Timeline

  • A recommended timeline to follow for design and execution.

  • Enter your plan in the Communications Request Form.