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Catholic Campaign for Human Development

More than thirty-eight million people in the United States live in poverty - that's one in eight people who lives in poverty. With this collection, you support programs that address the root causes of poverty and provide a sustainable future for those struggling across the country, empowering people to identify and address the obstacles they face as they work to bring permanent and positive change to their communities.
In addition, 25% of the funds we collect remain in our diocese to fund local anti-poverty projects. 
Please prayerfully consider how you can support this collection and those working on the margins. Learn more about the Catholic Campaign for Human Development at https://www.usccb.org/committees/catholic-campaign-human-development.
The future of humanity does not lie solely in the hands of great leaders, the great powers and the elites. It is fundamentally in the hands of peoples and in their ability to organize. It is in their hands, which can guide with humility and conviction this process of change. I am with you. Each of us, let repeat from the heart: no family without lodging, no rural worker without land, no laborer without rights, no people without sovereignty, no individual without dignity, no child without childhood, no young person without a future, no elderly person without a venerable old age.
- Pope Francis, Address at the World Meeting of Popular Movements, Bolivia