Catholic Charities Mother's Day

Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago continues to be a safety net for all of us throughout Chicagoland when the unexpected happens, always ready to help people going through difficult times just as it did 100+ years ago when it was founded to help the growing number of people in need as the Spanish Influenza was sweeping the globe after World War I.
Even as we celebrate and are profoundly grateful for the COVID-19 vaccine and the significant progress we are making to end this pandemic, we know that its effects for too many people are deep and lasting.

That includes mothers, who are the great unsung heroes—and disproportionate victims—of the pandemic.
Women, especially women already challenged by poverty, food insecurity, mental health challenges, and lack of health care, have experienced higher rates of infection, more loss of life, and greater job losses. This Mother’s Day, they need our help.

Mothers are the first to teach us about community and compassion. I think we all have memories of important lessons we learned by observing our mothers. You gift means the mothers most in need can access the resources they need—food, rental assistance, counseling--to ensure their families can become stable and strong.

What better way to honor our own mothers and other women we admire than by helping other moms provide for and strengthen their own families? To be part of their resilience and success. To live out the lessons our mothers—many of whom had their own struggles—worked hard to ingrain in us.
Please give what you can this Mother’s Day to the second collection, give online at Give Central or by texting CATHOLIC to 312-625-5666, Thank you.