Alpha Marriage Course

Calling all married couples!

Have the past fourteen months been a challenge for your married life?

When you think about the time you’ve spent together this past year, do you think it’s been high in “quantity” and maybe not high enough in “quality?”

Did you imagine pandemic life when you said “for better or for worse?”

You are not alone!

As the world around us cautiously re-opens, it’s time to re-open our exploration of how this challenge has changed our relationship with each other.

Join us as we re-invest in marriage together and learn how to reconnect after a year of worry, stress, lockdown, and so much more. Together we will watch videos about topics very near and dear to our marital relationships. The videos will be paused by our "host couple" while you and your spouse discuss hot topics or questions. It’s a fun, safe way to prioritize your most important family relationship – your marriage!

The group will meet virtually every Thursday at 8pm – so you can put the little ones to bed, turn off the television, open that wine, settle into a quiet space and enjoy this journey with your spouse for 90 minutes. Topics will include connection, communication, conflict management, forgiveness, and more. When you register, each couple will receive a gift bag filled with goodies for the evening: wine, candle, journals, etc. Sign up on our website today!