Bible Study with Fr. Francis

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April 15th – Introduction and the Celebration of Pentecost - Chapters 1 &2
April 22nd – The Mission in Jerusalem & Tensions with Jewish Authorities – Chapters 2-8
April 29th – The Mission in Judea & Samaria – Paul’s Conversion – Chapters 8 & 9
May 6th - The Inauguration of the Gentile Mission – Chapters 10-13
May 13th – Paul’s First Missionary Journey & Council of Jerusalem – Chapters 13 – 15:35
May 20th – Paul’s Second & Third Missionary Journey – Chapters 15:36 – 21:15
May 27th – Paul’s Arrest and Journey to Rome - Chapters 21:16 -28:31

Here are some questions for you to consider as you Read Chapters 2 to 8. We may not discuss all of these. Some of them are just for you to think about as you read.
Chapter 2
Pentecost was a major religious experience that changed the disciples. Have you ever had a strong religious experience? If so, did your behavior or way of thinking change at all? Did your friends or family notice a change in you? What’s your understanding of Confirmation? What was your Confirmation like? Have you ever been asked to be a sponsor at someone’s Confirmation? What was it like to be asked?
Chapter 3
Have you or someone you know experienced what could be considered a sudden or miraculous healing? Or have you experienced being prayed over or prayed for during a difficult time that gave you a sense of peace or calm that things were going to be ok? How does faith in Jesus make you strong?
Chapter 4
Have you ever been moved by the faith of others? Or has another person’s faith inspired you to re-examine your own life or your own beliefs? Luke describes the early Christian community as being united in heart and mind and that everyone’s possessions was held in common. Do you think there’s a link between generosity and unity? How are we to live out this unity in our parish community?
Chapter 5
What was the real problem of Ananias’ deception? The punishment seems incredibly severe. Why do you think Luke included this story? What’s he saying to us? What’s the impact of sin on a community? Even when that sin is kept private?
According to Gamaliel, how do you discern is something is the work of God? Have you ever encountered opposition because of your religious beliefs? How did that impact your faith, your relationship with God and other people?
Chapter 6
The early church goes through a number of growing pains and tensions within the community. What kinds of tension exist within the church or our own parish today? How should we deal with them? Here we see the creation of the role of Deacons. What were the Deacons asked to do? What’s the role of our Deacons today?
Chapter 7
Stephen gives a brief summary of the history of God’s interaction with the Israelite people. There’s a pattern of rebellion there. They easily become stiff-necked and don’t always want to listen to God or to the people God has placed over them. In your own life, have you ever had difficulty accepting a church teaching or chaffed at the authority exercised by a Bishop, priest or other “leader” in the church? How did you get past it?What keeps you coming back to church when there’s that tension?Has there been a teaching you didn’t like or understand at some point in your life that you now have come to appreciate or understand and accept more easily? What eventually lead to your change of mind or heart?