Roles of Greeters & Cleaners

Thank you for volunteering to be a Greeter or Cleaner for Mass!  Without you, we wouldn't be able to have anyone attend Mass in person!  Our job is to make everyone feel welcome and safe by being friendly and confident.
Please arrive at 30 minutes before Mass begins and be sure to wear your mask, and maintain 6' social distancing from other volunteers and attendees when possible.  Please wear a nametag on a St. Josaphat lanyard. These are on the back table.  
If you have any questions, please contact our Reopening Team Leads Kelly Smith or Diana McCartney, our Greeting Team Captain Teri Emerson or our Cleaning Team Captain John Dreixler. You can reach them through
For training, we have prepared a combination of video and text. Before beginning the training, please review each of the roles below so you understand what we're asking you to do.
Once you are finished reviewing the roles, you can do the training on your own (click on "Training for Greeters and Cleaners" to the right), or contact our Leads and they will gladly walk you through it.  
Thank you again!

Greeter Roles & Responsibilities

In-Charge Greeter

Who:  Greeter Captain Teri Emerson (if she is able to attend Mass), or someone who is familiar with the greeting process, has volunteered before and completed the training.
Responsibilities:  Situate other greeters, make sure each greeter knows where to be for communion and exit.  Stand on the church steps, welcome attendees and instruct them to have their mask on before entering church, and maintain 6' distance.  Ask people without masks to leave the church.  Resolve potential seating issues.  If there is available seating, seat walk ins -- getting their name and contact info.  Keep an eye to see if anyone has used the bathrooms, and tell the In-Charge Cleaner.

Check-In Greeter

Who:  Someone who is familiar with the greeting process and has volunteered before.
Responsibilities:  Ask attendees for their last name, find their seat on the report, and let them and the usher know the seat Section, Row and Position.  Hand guests a bulletin and let them know they need to take it out of the church with them when they leave.

Usher (3)

Who:  Someone who has completed the training.
Responsibilities:  Spray sanitizer into attendees' hands.  Wear gloves and hand out bulletins and/or other materials. Guide attendees to seat based on information from Check-In Greeter.  Make sure to follow arrows on the floor, this may mean you need to walk up the aisle then backtrack down a side aisle.
Ready to be a Greeter? Click Here for instructions!

Cleaner Roles & Responsibilities

In-Charge Cleaner

Who:  John Dreixler or someone who is familiar with the cleaning process and has completed the training.
Responsibilities:  At the beginning of Mass, mark on the laminated seating chart where people are sitting with a dry erase marker.  At the end of Mass, assign each of the 3 Cleaners to a different section of the church to clean, making sure they have supplies.  Clean the foyer door handles and bathrooms (if they were used -- ask the greeters.)


Who:  Anyone who has completed the training.
Responsibilities:  Go to the side chapel after Mass to get gloves and wipes.  Confirm with the In-Charge Cleaner which section and which pews you need to clean, based on the seating chart.
Ready to be a Cleaner? Click Here for instructions!