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Get My Message To The Parish?

here are lots of ways to get your news about St. Josaphat church and school events out to the parishioners!   Church and school events are those that are sponsored by the parish, i.e. church or school, and are open to all parishioners that fit the target audience to consider attending. 

*Starred items should be approved by the pastor, just send him an email at

Note: The parish currently only sends 3 mailings to the homes of all parishioners, Christmas, Lent and Easter.


1) An article, blurb, photo and/or graphic in the bulletin
Fill out this form .  Deadline is Noon on the Tuesday before publication.  Please note, bulletins are published 47 times a year.  There is one edition for Christmas / New Year's Weekends, and 4 editions over the summer that span 2 weekends.

*5) An insert in the bulletin

Once approved, deliver 250 copies to the Parish Office before 5pm on the Friday before.


2) A message on the electronic sign
To make a request for an announcement on the electronic sign click here. The sign is updated every Wednesday at Noon with any new announcements that have been requested.

For a $25 donation, you can also wish friends and relatives Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary! If you would like to pursue this option, call the Parish Office at 773 327 8955 or email


3) A sidebar/link in JosaFAST - Weekly parish email delivered on Thursday at 5 pm
Fill out this form. Deadline is 9 am on Thursday for that Thursday's email.


4) An announcement at church
Announcements are read by the Cantor after communion. Fill out this form by Noon on the Wednesday before.

*6) A 2-Minute Announcement at the Pulpit after Communion

This option is used sparingly, most often for parishwide events or new programs.  It is best if the text is short, to the point, heartfelt and humorous, if appropriate.  Once approved, send the pastor an email with who will be making the announcement at each Mass, and have the announcer check in with the priest in the sacristy before Mass.

*7) Hosting Hospitality after the Masses

Once approved, access Hospitality instructions on the "How do I?....Host Hospitality" page.

*8) A poster mounted on easels at each of the church doors
Once approved, arrange with the parish office or 773 327 8955) to set up the easels for you to place your foamcore board-mounted poster. 22" x 34" works.


*9) A poster in the St. Josaphat kiosk in the Community Park on the corner of Belden and Wayne
Once approved, deliver poster to parish office, and staff will post.  Visible portion is about 20" across x 14.5" down.


*9) A parishwide email
Once approved, send an email with the announcement text to Indicate the date/time the email should be sent.

10) An email to be forwarded to leaders of parish groups
If you would like your event announced at parish group meetings, send an email to and it will be forwarded to all leaders of parish groups to announce at their next meeting. Better yet, contact parish group leaders to see if you can get on the agenda to give a 2-minute blurb in person. (Names and contact information are on the website.)

*11) An email sent to specific groups
Once approved, send an email with the announcement text and date/time to and indicate which groups (new parishioners, recently baptized, recently married, families with children, boomers, etc.) you would like your message sent to.


12)  Parish Website
Send your information to and one of the sliders on the parish website homepage can be dedicated to your message. If your group has a page within the website, this information can be updated, too. Or, a new page can be created. Also, a link to your page can be added to the homepage.