Wentworth Elementary School

Since 2016, we have been working with Books First! Chicago to create libraries in the 70% of Chicago Public Schools in low-income neighborhoods that have none. Can you imagine growing up without books to read at home or at school?  If you are reading this, you know how important a solid foundation in reading (and writing) is.  For everything. 
Over the past few years, one of these schools, Wentworth Elementary School in the Englewood neighborhood has seen growth in all areas except reading, which is in the 1st (lowest) percentile. 
Primary Reading Coach Jessica Christopher, who has successfully fostered a culture of learning in other CPS and charter schools, has been hired to instill a love of reading in the kids at Wentworth (like our teachers do at St. Josaphat!)  She can’t do this alone! Our book donations will play a vital role.
Want to help? Contact Christine Frech christine.frech@gmail.com