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Altar Servers

ALTAR SERVERS assist the priest at weekend liturgies as well as at funerals and weddings. Their presence adds to the solemnity of the services. Training sessions are held regularly.  Membership is open to all young people in the parish 5th grade and above.

Altar Servers earn one point for each Mass that they serve, and two points if they fill in for a server who couldn't make their assigned Mass.  At the end of each month, we announce the server(s) with the most points and they become our Altar Server of the Month - please join us in thanking them for their service!
July 2019  Teddy Koehl
June 2019  Nora Keller
May, 2019  Jeremiah Bransfield
April, 2019  Nate Vesprini
March, 2019  Mel Gray
February, 2019  Mel Gray and Caroline Sims
January, 2019  Teddy Koehl
December, 2018  Teddy Koehl
November, 2018  Shane Vaughan