Have feedback on our website?

  • Think about when you’re on vacation and looking to go to Mass.  What information do you want to access immediately on a parish website.  Can you do that from our website?
  • What impression do you want to give people looking for a new parish?  Does this come through on our website?  If not, what should we change?
  • As a parishioner, think about something(s) you would look to find out on our website?  What are they? Can you easily find them?
  • Does the navigation / groupings make sense to you?  If not, what would you change?
  • Would you look to our website for Catholic content? (You can be honest.)  If so, what kind of content?  
  • And as a bonus, do you have any ideas of how to roll this out to the parish?  Or not to make a big deal out of it?