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Your Wedding Weekend

Step 15:  Attend Your Wedding Rehearsal
Most couples choose to hold a rehearsal a day or two before their wedding--even a week or more before the wedding is acceptable. The rehearsal time is set with the staff person who is arranging your wedding with you. A rehearsal takes between thirty and forty-five minutes.  Please remember that the church may be in use on some evenings for Mass, prayer services or other events.
In addition to the bride and groom and members of the wedding party, you may want to have your lectors present in order to learn where they will sit, when they will read, and (if they would like) to go through their reading at the rehearsal.  Parents and any of your guests are always welcome at the rehearsal.
Please ask everyone who will be attending the rehearsal to be on time. Often there will be other rehearsals before or after yours or other services scheduled in the church.

Step 16:  Enjoy your Day
Bride's RoomThere are two restrooms accessible through the North side of the foyer.  One is larger and has a mirror, counter and cabinet for the bride to use. There is an additional restroom available in the front right-hand side of the church.  We do not supply stands, pedestals, extra candles, etc.


Please note and advise your guests that we do not allow rice to be thrown as it can be harmful to birds and can pose a risk to others walking in the area - our local birds appreciate your cooperation.