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Setting a Date

Step 1:  Fill Out our “Wedding Couple Inquiry Questionnaire”

If you are interested in getting married at St. Josaphat please complete the Wedding Couple Registration Questionnaire (to be filled out by the bride and/or groom).  A priest or deacon will then contact you within the next few days about the wedding process at St. Josaphat Parish.    

Click here to fill out the Wedding Couple Inquiry Questionnaire

Please be familiar with the following expectations for weddings at St. Josaphat

  • The priest or deacon will deal only with the couple and not with parents or wedding coordinators to avoid any confusion or miscommunication.  We expect your full cooperation.
  • We ask that you remember that unlike a hall or a restaurant, the church is not "rented" for a wedding. As a place of worship it should be respected.  It is also the symbol of the faith community before which you will be exchanging your vows.
  • The parish staff (priests, music director, altar servers, sacristans, etc.) is not employed by the couple getting married.  
  • You are expected to be on time for the rehearsal and the ceremony. We will not delay the start of another ceremony in church because of a tardy start of yours. The church is open one half hour before the ceremony. All weddings have the church reserved for 90 minutes from the planned ceremony start time, and this should include picture taking.
  • Drinking of alcohol before the rehearsal or ceremony will lead to the expulsion of those drinking from the church. Failure to comply could mean the forfeiture of the privilege of marriage in St. Josaphat Church at the discretion of the priest or deacon at any point in the preparation or ceremony.  

Step 2:  Register with the Parish (if you’re from the area and are not already a parishioner)

It is a requirement that one of the parties be a registered parishioner of at least 4 months when arranging the date for the wedding.  Please register online with the parish before making arrangements for the wedding. .   

Step 3:  Set a Date with the Priest or Deacon

Couples are expected to talk to a parish priest or deacon at least six months before the date on which they hope to celebrate their wedding.  A wedding date cannot be set until a priest or deacon has met with the engaged couple, taking care of necessary documentation and arranging for their participation in a marriage preparation program.  It is the responsibility of the engaged couple to secure the date with the church before making commitments with caterers, reception halls, etc.

Please note:  It is not possible to guarantee a date for a wedding if either party is pursuing an annulment.  The final notification of the annulment must be granted before a date can be finalized.


Weddings are scheduled with respect to the couple's wishes and the availability of the church building and parish ministers. Generally, we schedule no more than two weddings per weekend. We typically schedule weddings at 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm on Saturdays.  You can see if a wedding is already scheduled by checking our parish calendar. If there is not a wedding scheduled, however, it does not mean that that date is available.  (Please note that the Parish Office cannot confirm wedding dates and does not have any information about weddings other than the dates of those already scheduled which can be seen on the Parish Calendar.)

For exceptional reasons, weddings may be scheduled on Friday afternoon/evening ONLY AFTER 3:30 pm, or on Sunday afternoon. In the case of Sunday weddings, because of the schedule of Sunday Masses, weddings will be celebrated at a ceremony only -- no additional Masses are scheduled on Sundays. Wedding times are arranged to allow for Masses and other events in church such as Baptisms, Reconciliation, and funerals.   As a result, weddings must begin at the scheduled time. The parking lot needs to be cleared between services to allow for adequate parking for the next service. On Saturday, the parking lot needs to be cleared by 4:30 pm because our Vigil Mass starts at 5:00 pm.

There are a few days in the liturgical year when a wedding cannot be celebrated.  There are also times in the Church year when the liturgical calendar is less conducive to the celebration of weddings.  For example, the season of Lent is a time of penance in the life of the church community; that spirit touches and colors all parish liturgies between Ash Wednesday and Easter.  The priest or deacon will discuss this with you if your proposed ceremony date is affected.

We encourage you to avoid holiday weekends such as Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day and Thanksgiving.  We encourage you to remember that legal holiday weekends throughout the year often provide families and individuals with their only time to enjoy a break from their work schedule without fulfilling other social obligations.

The Rehearsal date and time should also be set with the priest or deacon.

Step 4:  Pay the Suggested Wedding Contribution

The suggested wedding contribution is $1000 for parishioners, children of parishioners and alumni of St. Josaphat School.  The suggested wedding contribution is $1500 for non-parishioners.

Full payment of your contribution is necessary to secure the date and time for your wedding. No wedding will be scheduled without full payment of this non-refundable, non tax deductible contribution because of the scheduling restraints of so many wedding requests.  If there is any financial difficulty, a wedding ceremony can be arranged for reduced or no cost. These fees support the mission of the parish and contribute to the preservation of our buildings.

The church will provide altar servers for your wedding.  We encourage you to make a small offering to the servers ($10 - $15 for each server.)

See the section on wedding music for details on music fees.