Marriage » Step 1: Wedding Inquiry

Step 1: Wedding Inquiry


Fill out our “Wedding Couple Inquiry Questionnaire”

If you are interested in getting married at St. Josaphat please complete the Wedding Couple Registration Questionnaire (to be filled out by the bride and/or groom).  A priest or deacon will then contact you within the next few days about the wedding process at St. Josaphat Parish.    

Click here to fill out the Wedding Couple Inquiry Questionnaire


Please be familiar with the following expectations for weddings at St. Josaphat: 

  • The priest or deacon will deal only with the couple and not with parents or wedding coordinators to avoid any confusion or miscommunication.  We expect your full cooperation.

  • We ask that you remember that unlike a hall or a restaurant, the church is not "rented" for a wedding. As a place of worship it should be respected.  It is also the symbol of the faith community before which you will be exchanging your vows.

  • The parish staff (priests, music director, altar servers, sacristans, etc.) is not employed by the couple getting married.  

  • You are expected to be on time for the rehearsal and the ceremony. We will not delay the start of another ceremony in church because of a tardy start of yours. The church is open one half hour before the ceremony. All weddings have the church reserved for 90 minutes from the planned ceremony start time, and this should include picture taking.

  • Drinking of alcohol before the rehearsal or ceremony will lead to the expulsion of those drinking from the church. Failure to comply could mean the forfeiture of the privilege of marriage in St. Josaphat Church at the discretion of the priest or deacon at any point in the preparation or ceremony.